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We are a creators' network bridging the European and Japanese markets
We can help you make Japanese versions of your magazines,
advertisements and marketing tools…

Every year countless English-language publications are translated into Japanese. However, very few of them are properly localised into everyday, idiomatic Japanese. You can probably guess just how embarrassing or misleading a straight literal translation can be. Localisation goes some way beyond straight translation by adjusting text in order to convey the appropriate tone, register and terminology. Otherwise, your text might end up reading something like this:

Oasis is 5 person groups of the Manchester graduate. the vocal from which the leader of a band, the melody which remains in the ear which Noel Gallagher makes, and Liam Gallagher’s who is the younger brother of Noel become backing centering on a thick day stration guitar. It is a thing for 94 years to have carried out any bands with the intense individuality whose imitation is impossible, and to have decorated them with the debut. The intense individuality has charmed British people from the debut. The debut album which declared “I am a rock-nroll star”, and was removed shines with a brilliant UK chart at the 1st place, and stores a success extraordinary as a newcomer band.

As with text, it is also possible your existing stock photos and artwork may not appeal to Japanese readers. Again, the magic word is localisation.

KRess Europe guarantees editorial, photographic, and artwork services, which will ensure you deliver your message professionally, avoiding embarrassing errors or misunderstandings.
As media specialists we speak your language AND the language of your potential readers. To see our photographers' sample pictures please click here.

The editors, photographers and designers at KRess Europe are native Japanese speakers, so you do not have to worry about any communication difficulties with Japanese contacts.
We are actively involved in a range of media projects, including Food, Education, Interior, Culture, Hair and Beauty, Flower Arrangements, Comics, Sports & Entertainment magazines and a variety of corporate and promotional material, in Britain and Japan.
If you wish to enter the highly profitable Japanese market we can advise you on the most successful and established ways in.

What we do:
-Japanese localisation, editorial work, photography, design and artwork
-Japanese creative writing, editorial work, photography, design and artwork
-Advertising Consultancy for the Japanese market
-Editing and writing for Japanese media

For a free estimate and consultation please contact: